24 x 7 – General Physician Consultation

Walk into the nursing home anytime for a general physician consultation. Our residential practitioners are ready to tender care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.


Women Care Clinic

Biral Seva Sadan’s woman care clinic is armed with the most advanced and dynamic techniques designed keeping in mind the unique health care demands of all ages and stages in a lady’s life


Multi-Disciplinary Out Patient Clinics

A team of multidisciplinary physicians regarded for their dexterity have brought this department to the forefront. Successfully dealing with a dynamic magnitude of typical to atypical maladies leaves Biral Seva Sadan’s patients hugely satisfied with the treatment. Our team includes:
ONCOLOGISTS – Cancer Treatment Specialist.
CARDIOLOGISTS – Heart Care Specialist.
PULMONOLOGIST – Lung Care Specialist.
ENDOCRINOLOGIST – Glandular Care Specialist.
NEUROLOGIST – Nerve Care Specialist.
UROLOGIST – Urinary Tract Care Specialist.
NEPHROLOGIST – Kidney Care Specialist.
OTOLARYNGOLOGIST – Ear-Nose-Throat Care Specialist.


General Wards

Cost is one of the reasons why a majority of people never make it to treatment. Biral Seva Sadan’s general wards provide premium quality healthcare at affordable rates. Patients get to interact with others alike yet are assured their own personal space and privacy all without the tension of rising medical expenses.


Ambulance Service

Biral Seva Sadan’s 36O health care ideal has resulted in introduction of swift, resourceful and smooth ambulance service. Compassionate and respectful ambulators pave a distressing journey in times of critical emergency. Our ambulance is equipped with oxygen facility for patients who require transitory breathing aids.



24X7 operational pharmacy within the institutes premises adds to our motto of complete healthcare solutions


Residential Medical Officers

The nursing home team includes experienced and competent residential doctors available round the clock to serve in house patients and for outdoor consultations.


Semi-Private Cabins

For patients who do not wish to stay alone or share space with a bigger group Biral Seva Sadan’s semi-private cabins cater a optimally conducive solution. These twin sharing or triple sharing cabins are hugely preferable as they characterise the best of both ends.


Deluxe Cabins

The nursing home offers spacious individual occupancy, air-conditioned cabins with home like privacy and other unique special care facilities.


Imaging Centre

The nursing home is equipped with 24X7 functional advanced X-ray imaging machines with skilled technicians who run the department. Daily ultra sonography and eco-cardiography by senior radiologists and cardiologists cater to the diagnostic needs of our patients.


Laboratory Testing Unit

The nursing home houses laboratories that are ready to handle a dynamic range of specific diagnostic investigations through automated machines run under the supervision of trained technicians and pathologists 24X7 round the year.
(HOME SAMPLE COLLECTION FACILITY – Reduces the need of commuting to the centre for a minor specimen submission procedures)

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